TDU2: Exploration Pack Still Coming!

Back in April, we reported that Eden Games will be releasing the Exploration Pack for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

Since that announcement was made from Eden Games, nothing since has been announced regarding the Free DLC since April. Now there has been a update from Eden Games, that the DLC is still confirmed and on its way: “We want to confirm that the DLC1 Exploration Pack is absolutely still coming!”


“Hey everyone! First things first, we want to confirm that the DLC1 Exploration Pack is absolutely still coming! Many apologies for it taking so long but we want to ensure you guys will get a great product. The team up at Eden is working around the clock and still 100% committed to continuing to support the game and the community with ongoing bug fixes, more DLC and continued maintenance of the online services to give you guys the best possible experience online in Test Drive Unlimited 2.”

Source: Official TDU2

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