Robert Bowling talks more about MW3

If you haven’t watched the latest Inside Xbox video, don’t worry. Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward goes deeper into the chaotic world of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and we have it all jotted down.

Modern Warfare 3 picks up hours after Modern Warfare 2, where DC is burning and the world is in chaos. The gameplay video is showing us Delta Force fighting in the streets of Manhattan, to push the Russian Army out of America. Robert Bowling adds; “That’s just the beginning, there is war all over the world, as it’s starting to spread into Europe. The conflict in each area is different, which I love, because War is raging very differently. Washington and US are war-torn by the end of Modern Warfare 2, but Europe still has populated cities. Local Resistance and Army work alongside with the SAS, trying to figure out how this conflict is unfolding.”

What we all want to know is about Task Force 141, because at the end of Modern Warfare 2 they have been dead or on the run.

Robert Bowling moves swiftly onto Spec Ops and begins to talk about Survival mode. “We are bringing in Killstreaks, progressive ranking, unlocks, buy new attachments, buy new guns and gear. It allows to change your gameplay style as the enemies constantly change their’s, and that’s something we have never experienced in Call Of Duty before. This is taking the classic Survival base mode, with a Modern Warfare twist, by adding the adrenaline and super fast gun play to it, and also adding the things that you love constantly customizing the experience.”

“Spec ops is infinite until you die.”

He continues by saying Call Of Duty 4 at it’s time felt like the biggest thing of all time, with Modern Warfare 2 blowing Call Of Duty 4 out of the water. Modern Warfare 3 has been reported that it is beating Call Of Duty: Black Ops pre-orders, which is no surprise for such a highly acclaimed game. Robert Bowling adds “It’s all about falling back and really relying on the 30 million fans, and being connected with them making sure we are building of their expectations. But more importantly building of that core design theosophy, creating the vision on how we want Modern Warfare 3 to be.”

“There is definitely something¬† for everyone, whether you are brand new to Call Of Duty or you have been playing it for years. We really have focused on getting a platform for all of our audience to have fun without hindering somebody else.”

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