Brink: Agents Of Change Review

Will the free DLC for Brink add more value to the game? Find out and read our review of Agents Of Change.

So, the first free DLC is now available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, which is only available for two weeks. In my review of Brink I gave the game a solid 7/10, and I still stand by it. Agents Of Change adds very little to the game, which had great ideas but just didn’t execute them properly. The new weapons which the DLC offers such as the Napalm Grenade, Pyro Mine, UAV plus a Field Regen Unit, are only obtainable when you reach the rank 5 tier to unlock.

The Napalm grenade blankets the area with fire which will pass damage to all enemies who try their luck to pass through it. The Napalm lasts for a short period of time, so using it in a populated area is very advisable for it to be very effective, and it’s a soldier ability. The medic will have the Field Regen Unit, which when deployed, will automatically increase the health regeneration rate of any teammates nearby. It’s a handy piece of kit to have on your team, as it certainly helps. The Pyro Mines work exactly like the landmines, but deals increase fire damage. The Pyro will probably be the one that you won’t use as much as you would with the others, but other abilities would of been nice. UAV is a small spy drone, which enables you to place or remotely control. Any enemies that the UAV sees, your teammates will also see. If things get slightly out of hand, you can use the UAV to detonate, which can easily turn the tide of the battle.

As like the main campaign of the game, Resistance and the Security will have different endings but based on the same objectives. The Resistance side is where you are after a sample of Arkoral. The story for this add-on isn’t entirely clear going from the events from the main campaign, as it feels as if you have been thrown into the deep end, but obviously pointing out that the sample is in high interest in both parties. Chen the leader of the Resistance, will use the sample to interact with the outside world from the Ark, but the Security want to keep it, and not get it into the wrong hands. Once the sample has been secured, the next line of duty is to light up the lighthouse. Preventing the Security from hacking the explosive, which you won’t be breaking a sweat at all.

The Arkoral is a prototype sample which is the only profitable thing for the ark. Once you have stopped the Resistance from getting the sample, you will be battling it out on the Founders Tower once again. The Resistance are desperate, and because of the undercover security member feeding you the info for both missions (likewise for the Resistance side), there isn’t much excitement after saving the Founders Tower again.

It isn’t bad for what is being offered as free DLC. More achievements and trophies, a few more abilities and two new maps. Sadly, it only adds very little to the game, and a poor expansion for the narrative. Like I said in my review of Brink; “They could of used the Ark and the factions in a complete different way to really make it interesting, sinister, and to throw the player to what you are really fighting for.” Splashdamage do have great material to make it become more solid in the narrative terms, but they failed miserably once again to captivate me for the cause on both sides.



  • Nice looking maps.
  • Napalm Grenade is my new favourite weapon.
  • UAV is a great addition


  • Wasted chance of bringing new abilities into the game.
  • All new abilities are rank 5 tier.
  • Repetitive in objectives to perform in each mission.



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