Borderlands 2 slipped by Randy Pitchford at Gearbox Software Community Day?

Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford has announced that Borderlands 2 is in development during the Gearbox Community Day. An attendee at the event raised a question to the Gearbox panel, and Randy Pitchford himself got a bit carried away when speaking about Borderlands, and may have just let slip Borderlands 2, which now begins fuelling speculation about a Borderlands 2 announcement later on in the year, or at the start of next year.

Source Picture: ProJared (Screwattack) Twitter

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  1. Ian Windram

    Cant Wait! I have the original twice!

    Hell I only need two achievements on the 360 version!

  2. That is truly a game worth waiting for. Thinking of buying the GoTY edition myself

  3. Scott Widdowson

    Love Borderlands, but I hope they don’t make any DLC like Mad Moxxi…

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