Aliens Colonial Marines Review

Less than half the development cycle of Duke Nukem Forever. Gearbox Software puts the boot into the Xeno’s, yet, its more like a boot up the arse to the consumers…

Aliens Colonial Marines takes us back when Ripley and co were fighting the pesky Xenomorphs on the U.S.S Sulaco. Obviously, Colonial Marines is set after Aliens. The plot to Colonial Marines is very straight forward and very boring! I have watched the films, yet not the biggest fan of Aliens. Colonial Marines will offer plenty of easter eggs, references to the films and even Prometheus.

So then, what does Aliens Colonial Marines offer? Was it worth the wait? To answer that quick and short, no. Gearbox have allowed this game to fall flat on its face. Comparing the final end game to the demo shown at E3. You can tell a massive difference that a lot has been altered and cut out. Go check it out for yourself on youtube with the many comparison videos ready for you to watch.

It’s a very standard FPS and doesn’t offer anything new. If you have old veterans of the Aliens series, then the game is purely for fan service. If you are new to the Aliens franchise, I would avoid at all costs and just watch the films. Many film to game adaptations don’t really cut it, and even though this is a sequel to Aliens, it doesn’t do it any justice at all.

The Xeno’s are very easy to track without the motion tracker. There is no scare and it’s just a run & gun and blast the shit out of anything that moves. The motion tracker is probably the best feature in the game and the weapons being spot on with the films. The sound is fantastic, yet the gameplay is shallow and straight forward with no imaginative ideas to give it a fresh feel. The visuals for a game like this appearing on the end of the current gen is not very good at all. It feels very early current gen game visuals, which don’t bode too well at all.

Once you have the singleplayer finish, though you do have the option to four player co-op. The campaign will roughly last you 4 to 5 hours, which leaves you with the multiplayer. Here, you expect the norm. Unlocks from weapon attachments and new character customizations. Linking with the singleplayer. The exp system is linked to both singleplayer and multiplayer. Any weapons found in the singleplayer known as legendary weapons and weapons you will come to pick up can be used in the multiplayer, so it eliminates the progressive weapon unlock, by replacing it with weapon points to purchase new attachments for all your weapons.

The game modes are very dull and not exciting one bit. Playing as the Xeno’s is really frustrating. The controls are very awkward and you aren’t very strong. Team play is indeed needed if you want to succeed as the Xeno’s, though being the Marines, just shoot things that move!

Colonial Marines does offer in-game challenges which help to boost your level and to gain more weapon points. At least it offers something nice than just running and gunning your way through every section. Adding a bit of spice to the most boring game and badly developed game I have come across has no affect whatsoever.

Overall? Rather simple. Avoid.


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  1. Pblive

    Such a pity, a waste of a licence.

    1. Scott Widdowson

      It is. Gearbox failed on so many promises.