Welcome to a website packed full of information about fashion for your face and head! If you are looking for the latest trend information for men’s sunglasses, or a look back at the styles of women’s sunglasses over the decades you will find it here.

Hats, sunglasses and reading glasses all serve health benefits as well as making a fashion statement. You will find information covering this as well as some good old-fashioned ‘fashion focus’ in the following content:

  • Hats and Caps – Fashion for men, women and children. Also take a look back at some hat history – great if you’re ever in a pub quiz!
  • Men’s Sunglasses – From the coolest to the nerdish, what’s hot and what’s not. A look at the wealth of styles available.
  • Women’s Sunglasses – From Marilyn Monroe’s favourites to Andy Warhol’s frame of choice – see how the decades of styles are still making a splash today.
  • Reading glasses – Both a fashion and functional need, read on about the glasses that keep your eyesight sharp.
  • Slot game characters with sunglasses – Spot some favourite characters rocking the shades.
  • Polarised sunglasses – Whether you just like the look, or the functionality of polarised glasses, you can find out more about them here and why they are the sunglass of choice for many extreme sports men and women.
  • Popular brands – What’s hot and what’s not. Brands from the iconic to the High Street

Enjoy this information packed website and you’ll be ready for Summer, both for sun safety and fashion before you know it!