Popular Brands of Sunglasses

GucciOne of the most famous names in sunglasses is the top selling Ray-Ban range which first came to market in 1956. Renowned for their original wayfarer model, the company now offers four different styles. They have been featured by actors in numerous films since the Blues Brothers, and this has cemented them as a part of looking cool.

Dolce & Gabbana, the much sought after Italian designers, got together in 1985. Now, one of the company’s most popular accessories is their cutting-edge high fashion sunglasses which are the favourite for models and super stars all over the world.

Versace, another huge Italian name in high end designers, was created by Gianni Versace in 1978. Their range of dazzling designer sunglasses offer wearers a film star look, and they can be sure that donning them will make them stand out in a crowd.

Prada, another leading luxury fashion house, was established by the Italian, Martio Prada, way back in 1913. It exudes everything that designer goods should be, and is known for its magnificent high quality unique style sunglasses. It has ranked as a leading brand for over one hundred years.

Gucci, which was founded by an Italian of the same name in 1921, and is now owned by Kering, a French holding company, is one of the most respected designer brands in the world. Their sunglasses are huge with the glitterati long with all the men and women who want to make a strong fashion statement.

Also hailing from Italy, is the hugely popular long established Giorgio Armani brand. This high flying fashion house boasts a broad spectrum of luxury designer wear, and their range of sunglasses attract women and men who are looking for first-class comfort and trend setting designs at a reasonable price.

Burberry, the long established British luxury designer brand, is famous for its top quality highly original smart clothes and accessories. Their distinctive range of sunglasses are a must for fashionistas and business people who want to exude both style and professionalism.