Slot Games with Cool Characters with Sun Glasses

TBrown_slots_22.0There are so many bright lights in casinos it’s no wonder hip players keep their shades on when doing slots. It helps them focus and spot the winning graphics clearly among the symbols. Slot game creators are starting to follow suit. In fact, the number of slot games with cool characters with sunglasses nowadays is quite amazing when you look.

Cool as Ice and What a Game

Take a trip up to the frozen north and meet the leading characters penguin, walrus, eskimo, and polar all wearing sunspecs. Cool as Ice has 5 reels, 25 paylines, and 3 rows so there are many opportunities for a casino win. When you collect a free spin you enter into a mysterious ice cave, where you choose from a selection of sunglasses with secret multipliers and more bonus spins

One Cool Wolf for High School Kids

Remember the movie ‘teen wolf’. Well it morphed into a slot where a young man becomes a werewolf while he tries to join the Hollywood scene. Cool Wolf has an incredible 243 winning combinations, and so a great game to play for a casino win. The Cool Wolf symbol is the wild card, while the one the features a stash of cash and a pair of sunshades pays fifteen out for five put in.

Win More than Fruit with Cool Bananas

Cool Bananas may have been around a while but still tempts with a $50,000 win while having fun with mighty monkey. The play is to help him climb a skyscraper ‘king kong style’ by working around some complications. The images you need to get your hands on include a pretty lady in a spot of bother, a green banana, and cool sunglasses for the ape.

More Slot Games with Cool Characters with Sun Glasses

It’s amazing how many sunglasses feature in the slots, and not just on the faces of the gamers having fun. This adds a new dimension. Have fun with friends seeing who spots the highest number while on holidays.