Sunglass Safety and Key Looks

Sunglasses and Safety

51UQIQqV-fL._SY355_Sunglasses can be both a necessity for protecting our eyes and a fashion statement to help us stand out from the crowd. In the latter case, there are a few key trends seen in 2016 which are following through into 2017. Make sure you follow them to be completely at ease among others and with yourself!

To start with, though, here are some facts on eye safety and sunglasses. Fashion is important, but the health of your eyes is paramount.

UVA and UVB rays are invisible to the naked eye, and are given off in the sunshine. It is important to protect our eyes from these, as they can lead to cancer and cataracts or destroy the retina. Before you go for a specific frame shape, look for glasses which offer 100% protection from both.

If the glasses have a description of ‘cosmetic’ then leave them be. These offer no protection at all, and yet may encourage more direct sunlight into the eye as you still look at the sun while wearing them, reassured by the dark lenses. Also ensure that your glasses fit well so the UV rays can’t creep in.

Prescription sunglasses are now readily available, offering great eyesight and style combined. Ensure that your prescription glasses are created by a qualified optometrist.

Time to Consider Style

  • Oversized Sunglasses? They’re so in!

The bigger the better. With embellishments on the lenses to really accentuate the size, you can’t go wrong with large sunglasses for all seasons, as they can really help keep those UV rays out.

  • Cat Eye Styles

A smaller style of sunglasses, but no less dramatic. Just make sure that they have good durability and that they fit!

  • A Classic Aviator

Classic styles can often be lacking in the UV protection needed, so be alert for ‘fashion only’ warnings before buying. A great quality pair can offer you the safety and style of this iconic 80s look.