A Brief History of Hats and Modern Styles

The-Lords-HatHats and Caps come in every style, shape and colour imaginable. For kids, men and women there are hundreds of styles for uses ranging from fashion to safety, from keeping the rain off, to the sun out.

For Women

Forget formal dos like at Ascot’s: from berets to beanies to straw hats – in warm wool or cool straw, there are hats to suit all seasons and occasions.

For Men

From cowboy, flat or panama or the pork pie, now back in fashion, men’s styling for hats opens up a world of possibilities.

For Kids

For children, hats usually have a more practical application – babies and young children are particularly susceptible to the elements and require warmth during winter and protection in the summer.

Some Famous Hat Styles

Historians have reported that hats were the first item ever worn by humans. There are stories of natives weaving vines as protective hats long before the modern day incarnations we have to choose from today.

Hats also served a purpose within society of distinguishing between social classes – flat caps vs top hats for example, although the latter are a rarer sight these days. ‘Hat tipping’ was seen as a mark of difference to one’s superiors, also. Now it’s more ironic than actually observed.

  • Baseball Cap – the first incarnation was worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860 with a long peak and button on the top. In the 1940s the modern baseball cap was born, using latex rubber to hold the peak in place – this was designed to protect the player’s eyes from the sun.
  • Fedora – This style of hat dates as far back as 1891. A wide felt hat with a brim and creasing, and pinched in at the front.
  • The Fascinator- Dating back to the 1500s and still as popular today, the Fascinator is a decorative headpiece, with less practical use than we associate with other hats. The first examples were seen within European royalty in King Henry VIII’s court in the mid 16th century.